Why choose Finae?

Because of our highly competent, fully committed team

Delphine Benchétrit and Michaela Robert founded Finae in 2010. These two entrepreneurs, pioneers in their field, basically established the profession of real estate financing consultant in France.

In ten years, our consultancy has become the go-to partner for builders and investors, particularly to see through emblematic projects. These clients come back for our intuitions, convictions and pragmatism.

Delphine Benchétrit contributes her two-fold experience in banking and investment to construction projects – having worked in both fields before co-founding Finae. This is how she gained her excellent knowledge of the key players in the industry, their challenges and their culture.

Delphine likes to blaze new trails. In 2004, she created the Real Estate department of Lehman Brothers France, which went on to originate and syndicate more than €5 billion of senior debt, €400 million of mezzanine debt / acquisition debt and to carry out some 15 equity transactions.

Her career (at Affine Group, Natixis, Lehman Brothers) has led her to work on all classes of assets, for investment funds, listed and unlisted real estate companies and family offices.

Michaela Robert began her career as a business lawyer. She is an expert in structured financing and has in-depth knowledge of the issues and constraints that investors face.

Her high standards and irreproachable business ethics led her to work for international firms, then to take over the financial management of the real estate investment funds managed by Morgan Stanley. Responsible for financing the investments made by the various funds in France, Spain and the Benelux countries, she raised more than €4 billion in debt. Over the past fifteen years, she has built up a very strong network within the banking and advisory circles.

Pascal Amann manages, at Finae, the proper execution of projects and coordination with all stakeholders.

In twenty-five years, he has acquired unique experience in investment, financial management and bank financing in the real estate sector.

He was Head of Real Estate at Helaba’s Paris office, Financing Manager for Bail Investissement, then Senior Founder at WestImmo Paris, where he created the Financing division with French clients.

Why choose Finae?

To make connections
in financing circles

In a balanced relationship

We know how to reconcile the interests of our various partners to create the right conditions for a mutually beneficial transaction.

By cultivating agility

We create the best conditions for the partnership’s fulfilment – until the closing of the financing.

By guaranteeing cohesion

We foster investors’ self-assurance, by increasing confidence in their teams, their partners and their projects.

Why choose Finae?

To inject human value into each transaction

Our ambition for each project is to:

– create strong connections – in an open, demanding relationship, with the sharing and transmission of knowledge
– express our business ethics and respect for everyone’s values
– inspire you with our intuitions, curiosity, empathy and analytical insights.

Why choose Finae?

Because Finae is an independant advisor (of the mission we’ve set ourselves)

We support our clients’ convictions

We feel close to enterprising people who rely on an independent and competent partner to serve their plans. We aim to free up their time by providing smoothness and certainty in the execution of their projects’ financing.

Why choose Finae?

Because we provide an efficient and agile business model

  • We save time for everyone by minimising low-productivity meetings and rounds of communication during the process.
  • This speeds up the projects’ implementation.
  • Our priority: to keep decision-making agile and consistent.
  • Naturally, we always consider our clients’ information and communication to be confidential.
  • by sharing know-how and knowledge,
  • through the supervision and support of our teams.
  • by conducting 360° analyses with our clients and banking partners,
  • by investing in personal commitment within the company,
  • by encouraging productive confrontation,
  • by establishing shared priorities with our partners.
  • Guaranteed 100% senior advice and expertise.
  • Assured availability and fast execution, in the interest of builders, investors and their projects.
  • Independent advice on internal and external issues.


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